Air Fryer Vs Instant Pot: What Is The Best For You

Air Fryer Vs Instant Pot: What Is The Best For You

The topic of whether to use an instant pot or an air fryer is a common one for newbie cooks. They seem to be quite similar at first glance since both are large kitchen countertop gadgets meant to make meals fast and easily. However, the functional differences between these devices make them distinct groups in their own right.

Some of the most important distinctions between air fryers and instant pots will be discussed here. For your consideration, we’ll go through what you may anticipate in terms of design and performance as well as pricing. Having answered that question, we now know for sure: air fryer vs instant pot, which is best for you?

Pros and Cons of Air Fryer Vs Instant Pot

Instant Pot


  • They serve a wide range of purposes. Steamer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, food warmer, and more may all be used in the same appliance.
  • It’s perfect for making rich, savory broths, stews, and soups. Cooking a great bone broth takes 24 hours, but using this method, it just takes two hours.
  • It’s possible to create numerous items at once using the pot-in-pot approach.
  • The Instant Pot can cook roasts in only 40 minutes, compared to hours in the oven.


  • In sauté mode, food might stick to the bottom of the pot, making it difficult to remove.
  • The Instant Pot does not have a crisping function. Cooking certain foods under the broiler is necessary in order to get a crispy exterior.
  • In the event of an emergency, a delay start timer might come in handy. However, doing so can be perilous. Food poisoning may occur if you leave undercooked food out on the counter for a few hours.
  • Using an Instant Pot incorrectly might result in injury or death. Burns from steam may be quite painful.
  • Because of its size, the Instant Pot may take up a significant amount of counter space in the kitchen.
  • When the sealing rings are not cleaned correctly, they might also retain odors.

Air Fryer


  • Utilizes little resources while completing tasks rapidly.
  • Boosts the nutritional value of fried dishes like fried chicken and fries.
  • Compactness and portability are two of the primary selling points of many versions.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Pre-programmed meal settings are available on a few models.


  • If you don’t utilize food correctly, it might quickly dry out.
  • Because they’re so little, they’re not the best choice for large-scale cooking.
  • The Instant Pot is more adaptable.
  • Large and bulky variants are available that take up a significant amount of counter and cabinet space.
  • It’s not uncommon for the basket form to be uncomfortable. Foods that are difficult to bend will not fit in some of the models (like taquitos or chicken wings).

The Difference Between Air Fryer and Instant Pot


There is a lot of material in an instant pot. Despite its portability, the large weight makes it tough to move about.

A portable air fryer is an ideal option for cooking on the go. You can effortlessly transport it from one location to another due to its compact and lightweight design (such as during camping or with an RV).

Cook Technology

When it comes to cooking, the Instant Pot and the Air fryer are quite different appliances. Both the product employs hot air cooking technology to produce oil-free and healthier meals. It’s true that you can use the Instant Pot to produce healthy, oil-free meals, but you can also use it to whip up cakes and other sugary confections.

Food Options

Kitchen appliances are useful in a wide range of scenarios. Each person has the ability to cook a wide range of foods. Quick pots, in contrast to air fryers, can cook rice and yogurt.

It’s all about what you eat on a daily basis. Consider using an air fryer to cook frozen lasagna if that’s something you do on a regular basis. Using a microwave to prepare frozen meals is the best way to go.


Air fryers tend to be more compact and lighter in weight than conventional deep-fat fryers. An air fryer is a better choice if you have a small kitchen or want to use it while traveling. Even the tiniest Instant Pots take a lot of counter space, even if they’re just a few pounds.


In general, the purchase price is the same, but it varies based on the kind of accessories and features included. However, there are variances in power usage and the frequency with which you want to use each of these items.

For example, I believe that most people will use the Instant Pot more often than the air fryer, which may contribute to a greater need for electricity from this appliance. In any case, you’ll be able to spend less time in the kitchen, which is a great way to remain more productive.


To keep them going for a long time, instant pots are built using high-quality technology and materials. In contrast, air fryers do not need to be plugged in. They don’t last as long. Instant pots, on the other hand, have been around for a long time and have a proven track record. And they’re always becoming better.

Cooking Times

Air fryers warm faster than Instant Pots, on average requiring only 3 minutes. It also takes less time to cook using an air fryer, since most dishes can be prepared in 15 to 25 minutes. Part of the reason for this is because air fryers are used to prepare lighter fare.


People have complained about a variety of difficulties, including plastic smells, smoking, melting, overheating, and more, as Air Fryers are a new product on the market. As the Instant Pot has been around for a long time, several different safety procedures have been included.

Can an Instant Pot be an Air Fryer?

With a lid adapter, Instant Pots may be used as air fryers. This capability is available on certain Instant Pot models. A six- or eight-quart capacity Instant Pot or another brand of pressure cooker may be used without the attachment.

Which is Better Instant Pot or Air Fryer?

It’s all up to you and the kind of meals you’d want to prepare in the future. A cheesy bacon casserole, a dish of chickpeas, or even chicken may be made with a few simple ingredients.

The air fryer is the ideal solution to these problems. Since the air fryer cannot cook soups, you will need an instant pot to prepare a vegetarian soup.

In the end, your budget will play a role in your decision. Both were inexpensive. It’s still a matter of what kind of features and accessories you want to include. There is also a variation in the amount of energy used.

Which of these tools are you most likely to use on a regular basis? Because the instant pot is used more often than an air fryer, it may use a greater amount of energy than the latter. Either way, you can cut down on the amount of time you spend in the kitchen.

Should You Buy a Pressure Cooker or Air Fryer?

In comparison to deep-frying, air-frying is a healthier method of cooking. The pressure cooker provides you with more options when it comes to the types of cuisine you can prepare. On the other hand, if you’re a regular deep fryer, you’ll probably consider the air fryer to be the next best thing.

Both methods utilize less oil than deep frying, making them better choices when it comes to your health.

Conclusion About  Air Fryer vs Instant Pot

As you can see, possessing either a pressure cooker or an air fryer has definite benefits. You have a few options here, and you may make your decision based on what you often cook and consume. In the battle between the air fryer vs instant pot, picking a side shouldn’t be too tough. After all, there are some obvious contrasts between their roles and the types of meals they may cook.

However, having both in your kitchen is preferable. Because so many multi-cooker/air fryer hybrids are now available, this is a much simpler task than it used to be. You have the option to choose a side or a hybrid.

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