8 Best Ninja Air Fryers Reviews of 2022 You Can Choose

8 Best Ninja Air Fryers Reviews of 2022 You Can Choose

As harmful as deep-fat frying food is, it is undeniable that it enhances the flavor of the dish. If you want to get the same flavor but use less oil, you need one of our top air fryers.

Air fryers from the Ninja line come in a broad range of styles and capacities. We’ve examined the best ninja air fryer to provide you with the greatest choices for your kitchen and your needs.

Please read on for additional details on each review, and if you have time, please click through to the complete review for much more information.

What Can You Cook In a Ninja Air Fryer?

The Ninja Air Fryer is a culinary tool that can take on almost any dish you throw at it. Air fry, broil, roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate are all possible thanks to the six programmable programs that come with the device.

It’s also possible to cook many dishes at once if you get a fryer with two 4-qt. capacity baskets, allowing you to cook various sides or family dinners at the same time.

You may reduce the fat content of your favorite fried foods by up to 75% when using an air fryer instead of a standard frying technique. Cooking using an air fryer may be as simple as making chicken wings, steak, shrimp, or any number of other delectable dishes.

 List of 8 Best Ninja Air Fryer Reviews

1. Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone 2-Basket Air Fryer – Best In The Market

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone 2-Basket Air Fryer

The DZ201 model from Ninja is not for the faint of heart. In terms of sheer size, Ninja says it can cook for up to eight people at once in its two huge containers, each with a 4.75-liter capacity (for a total of 9.5-liters of cooking space). It is the largest ninja air fryer on this list.

Remember that it weighs in at little under 9kg, so decide where it will live permanently before you get it. You don’t want to have to move it around a lot.

You may also choose whether or not you want both baskets to run at the same time, allowing you to sync or match the baskets’ cooking functions.

No other method of cooking could have been simpler or more flavorful, and it left us with much fewer dishes to clean up than if we had used a standard oven.

Overall, they took around 10 minutes to cook, but if you were less concerned about crunchiness, they may have been done in less time.

2. Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray – Best for Budget

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray

  • The lower the capacity, the less you’ll pay for the appliance. While the DZ201 Air Fryer is the company’s most expensive and largest product, the Ninja AF101 is it’s most affordable and smallest.
  • The Ninja AF101 has only one zone for making fries, but it can crisp them up in the same manner as its bigger sister. If you don’t want to prepare for a crowd or don’t have a place for huge kitchen equipment, I believe it’s adequate.
  • It can fry up to two pounds of fries or chicken wings at a time. Additionally, it has three additional features. You may even use it to roast, dry, and reheat leftover pizza from the night before.
  • When it comes to retaining the dish’s moisture and crispness, air fryers outperform microwave ovens hands out.

You can watch a video about comparing two ninja models AF100 and AF101:

3. Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer

Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer

  • The Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer is the best way to get all of the delicious results of traditional deep-frying without all the mess and hassle that comes with it. This air fryer uses infrared heat to cook your food up to 30% faster than other models, which means you can have crispy french fries in half the time.
  • The Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer also uses convection technology to circulate hot air around your food at a more consistent temperature, so you get crisper results every time.
  • And because it’s an air fryer, you don’t need to worry about adding oil or fat to your food—you can still enjoy crispy foods without all that added fat! Plus, it has an easy-clean function that makes cleanup even easier. You can fit 3 pounds of french fries or chicken wings into this model at one time, so it’s perfect for entertaining guests at your next party or getting dinner ready for your family.

4. Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven with 8-in-1 Functionality

Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven with 8-in-1 Functionality

  • There’s no better way to reheat leftovers than with an air fryer/toaster oven combo that has enough room for a pizza. The oven component is built on a pivot, allowing for a clean line and ample countertop space.
  • In addition, the additional width makes it possible to cook more food in a single layer, resulting in more evenly cooked chicken.

5. Ninja AG301 Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fry

Ninja AG301 Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fry

  • For starters, Ninja’s TenderCrisp technology is included in this Foodi cooker. Using TenderCrisp, you may add a crispy exterior layer to your food after pressure cooking it for the specified amount of time called for in the recipe. This method keeps the meat’s fluids intact.
  • Keep in mind that despite the “Compact” designation, there is a lot of room inside. The internal pot of the OP101BRN is large enough to accommodate a 4-pound rotisserie chicken, despite its compact size.
  • For those who are afraid of overcooking, here are some tips for making a delicious sauté. The OP101BRN includes seven built-in cooking settings so you won’t have to worry about anything.
  • Your only role is to add the ingredients and choose a setting; everything else is handled by the cooker.
  • Are you at a loss on what to cook for dinner? Foodi’s 15-recipe cookbook is sent to your door in the form of an email.

6. Ninja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe XL 8 qt. Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer

  • In addition to pressure cooking, baking, slow cooking, and steaming, the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer also offers air frying capabilities.
  • You can cook a whole 4-pound chicken or three pounds of French fries in this appliance’s 5-quart ceramic-coated pot and 3-quart cook-and crisp basket, and it has an 8-quart volume so it’s perfect for big homes.
  • There are several safety features built into this 12-in-1 appliance, including a Crisping Lid for a crispy, golden finish on meals and a pressure cooker, and an air fryer.
  • Pressure cooking speeds up the cooking process by 70% while maintaining the nutrients and flavors of the meal. You don’t have to thaw meals while using this appliance since it can cook frozen items.

7. Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry

Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry

  • No matter whatever setting you choose, the Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven DT201 will provide excellent results. Ovens with a handle-mounted display and controls are more efficient in terms of space used since the controls are in an easily accessible location.
  • Whether you’re preparing a 9-slice loaf of bread or a 12-pound turkey, this oven has a wide range of cooking options. As an added bonus, you’ll get two oven racks that each hold two 12-inch pizzas.
  • For example, we found it to be excellent at baking a yellow cake, toasting, and air-frying chicken wings when put to the test. In operation, the glass door became very hot, reaching temperatures of up to 282°F.
  • This was the only serious flaw in the design that we could find. Toaster ovens are notoriously noisy, with a noise level of 61.3 decibels. The dishwasher-safe elements make cleaning a breeze, and the instruction manual is comprehensive enough to help you get the most out of multi-rack cooking.

8. Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure, Air Fryer

Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure, Air Fryer

  • With the Ninja Steam Fryer, you can pressure cook, steam, and crisp at the same time. You can swiftly pressure cook foods to seal in liquids and then fry them till their crispy and golden brown using the SteamCrisp technology, which combines pressure cooking, steaming, and air frying in a single machine.
  • It uses tender-crisp technology to cook your food quickly without sacrificing taste or texture which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor!
  • The patented Tender Crisp Technology allows you to cook food twice as fast as normal pressure cookers, and it also keeps the food from drying out. The 14 levels of safety ensure that the appliance is safe to use, even if you are cooking for children or elderly people.
  • This appliance has a large LCD display that makes it easy to monitor the progress of your food as it cooks. The ceramic coating on the inside of this unit ensures that any food particles will be kept away from your hands while you’re cooking.

Key Factors and Features of the Ninja Air Fryer

Before making a financial decision, consider your own needs. You may wish to think about the following options:


Are you seeking certain culinary functions, or are you more concerned with other aspects? It’s important to be sure the Ninja air fryer you’re considering has the best features you need before making a purchase.

Basket Capacity

The amount of food you can cook in an air fryer is directly proportional to the basket’s capacity. An air fryer may hold anything from two to seven quarts of food. Consider the quantity of food you intend to prepare.

A larger air fryer may be necessary if you plan on hosting a big gathering or cooking for your whole family.

However, bear in mind that a large basket equates to a larger air fryer, which means you’ll need more counter space.

Transparent Lid Or Internal Light

See-through lids allow you to check on your chips while they’re cooking. Others need to stop the machine in order to open the basket and inspect the contents. You’ll have to weigh the benefits of having a clear screen against the cost of your machine in order to make an informed decision.

Noise And Smoke Levels 

Because the fan moves while the air fryer is cooking, it does generate noise. The degree of this noise, on the other hand, varies from one model to the next. Your best air fryer should not be louder than an air conditioner, even if it is practically quiet.

Because you’re frying, they also produce a lot of smoke! Fatty meals will also cause additional smog. Ensure that the air fryer is placed in an area of your kitchen that will reduce the amount of smoke that it produces.


An air fryer’s capacity, or the amount of food it can contain, may vary from two to ten quarts (or more). For a one- or two-person family, an air fryer with a capacity of fewer than 4 quarts is suitable, however, a larger appliance that can cook more meals at once is likely to be desired by larger families.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when deciding if an air fryer is right for you and your family.


It’s critical to double-check the capacity before purchasing, regardless of whether you’re cooking for a crowd or a lone diner. But it’s not always preferable to go larger. Some need a lot of counter space, and if you want to store them in a cabinet, be sure to verify the measurements.


Are Ninjas Good Air Fryers?

In terms of overall quality, it’s the best. When we first evaluated air fryers, the Ninja came out on top when it came to crispy, flavorful chicken wings. But in our most recent round of air fryer testing, we discovered that this machine also fried many other foods well, earning it the top place on the most recent of our lists.

Can I Use Aluminum Foil In My Ninja Air Fryer?

Yes. Using the pan that collects the grease is generally sufficient. Cleanup will be less of a chore thanks to this feature. Please, however, do not use aluminum foil to cover the grill or the roasting pan, as this will disrupt the even distribution of heat.

How Important Are Temperature Settings?

In order to achieve a crispy exterior, most air fryers operate at a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Faster air fryers might be useful if you’re dealing with goods that have been in the freezer for some time.

Can You Cook Bacon In A Ninja Air Fryer?

Yes, any of the air fryers in this tutorial may be used to cook bacon in a variety of ways.

Conclusion on Ninja Air Fryer Reviews

As a result, the air fryer is an ideal choice for folks who like fried food but also wish to eat more healthfully.

Many people have adopted it as a mainstay in their kitchens, but not everyone is aware of a place to shop for a ninja air fryer. We really hope that this information has been beneficial to you in some way!

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